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More than just a 'jersey'...

A jersey can hold a lot of significance for the person wearing it and who they are wearing it for.  This person can be an athlete representing team and country, a supporter wearing it with pride in team and country or someone who just likes the colour and design!  For the athlete wearing a jersey, it communicates; “this is who I am, what I do and who I do it for”.

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Surviving Blisters and Training in Comfort (yes, it can be done!)

Blisters are an ongoing issue for athletes; dancers, runners, hikers and although they are not considering an 'injury', a dancer can be extremely limited by having blisters or being 'prone' to blisters.  Interestingly, it's not 'rubbing' on the surface of the skin that causes blistering, it's something called 'shear' - where the layers of skin move over each other underneath the top layer of skin until eventually a tear occurs that does the damage. Every dancer has a 'blister story' - the one that was really bad and took time to heal (and you may have taken a photo, because it looked so bad!).  What dancers may not realise is the damage done by a significant blister can make them...

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Developing "Skin Shields"

 "Skin Shields" are the result of almost 2 years work but to be honest, that work was purely to solve my own problem - dealing with the blisters and torn skin on my daughters feet. No amount of "breaking in" or "out of the box" heavy shoes seemed to make a difference to the state of her feet.  I had hoped there would be a simple and straightforward solution, after all, there are any amount of socks and fibres available to runners and hikers.  While that is true, we still needed to develop a proto-type sock, find a manufacturer who would make it, test it with dancers and test it again, just to be sure!  We were delighted when an...

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